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Disinfecting and deodorant products composed mainly of chlorine dioxide

Decontamination deodorant products ENVROY is based on the main component of the chlorine dioxide.
Not deceived by another smell, to everyone the real decontamination deodorant.

Please choose according to the application.

Blocker CL-60

Sterilization deodorant virus removal in the power of chlorine dioxide!

"Blocker" is a disinfecting and deodorizing device that can be carried in easy wearing。

Blocker Spin CL-90 (Stationary type)

Also in the room, disinfecting and deodorizing in the power of chlorine dioxide!

"Blocker spin" the car in and toilets, can be used in, such as the front door, is the eradication deodorizer of stationary type.

Blocker Spray CL-100 (Decontamination deodorant spray)

It was realized because it is two-liquid mixing type, disinfecting and deodorizing power of surprise!

"Blocker spray" is not cheated in other smells, it is a genuine eradication and deodorant spray.

Blocker Spray mini CL-140(Portable type)

A bad smell in a going out destination is also deodorized suddenly.